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MAX Pneumatic Coil Nailer for Large wooden boxes
IntroductionMAX Industrial Coil Nailer is big, heavy, and most powerful tool in the class. Top professional super heavy duty coil nail gun made of special aluminum alloy, can withstand long-term high-pressure impact. In addition to, MAX Industrial Coil Nailer CN100 has rubber comfort grip and well balanced are suitable for large-scale manufacturing needs. FeaturesWell balancedRubber comfort gripPowerful and can be nailed into any wood material or medium thin iron plate combined with woodApplicationsLarge wooden boxesMechanical boxesMaking wooden palletsExport wooden boxesBuilding and decoration industrySpecial purpose needsName of PartsMagazine ScaleUse Nail TypeSpecificationsModel CN100Weight 5.3 kg (11.6 lbs)Load capacity 400 NailsDimensions (LxWxH) 336x156x417 mmNail length 65~100 mm (2-1/2"~4")Shank diameter 2.5~3.3 mm (0.099"~0.131")Head diameter 6.5~7.5 mm (0.256"~0.295")Collation type 15 degrees flat wire welded coil nailsAir pressure 70~100 psi (5~7 bar)
The TH-114 Manual Feedwheel Tensioner is made for 3/4~1-1/4 inch steel strapping.  The feedwheel tensioner has a serrated feedwheel which engages the strapping firmly.  There is no limit to the amount of slack it can pull out of the strap.  Fast and easy to use, it requires the use of painted and waxed strapping.  Signode hand tensioners allow operators to bring strap to desired tension with minimal interruption, effort and strap waste. Most tensioners have a base which goes under the strapping and rests on the flat surface of the object being strapped.  For smaller or irregular bundles, a push-type tensioner, which has no base under the strap is recommended. The TH-114 is for .75”- 1.25" banding. Signode's TH-114 weighs 7 lb. and pulls lots tension. This tensioner is the largest feedwheel tensioner, the smallest is the Signode ST, the 3/4" is Signode T, and this TH-114 is mainly used with 1 1/4" high tensile strapping. Also need to use a sealer tool  Model TH-114 Weight 3.2 kg (7 lbs) Strap width 19~32 mm (3/4~1-1/4") Strap thickness 0.74~0.89 mm (0.029~0.035")
battery powered strapping tools
BXT3  HAND TOOL FOR PLASTIC STRAPPING LEADING IN TECHNOLOGY AND DESIGN INCREASED PRODUCTIVITY & PERFORMANCE INNOTIVE FOR OUTSTANDING  RELIABILITY AND  TOP ERGONOMICS Industry proven high quality tool Protective design Lightweight and perfectly balanced INTELLIGENT FOR EXCELLENT AND CONSISTENT  PERFORMANCE Real time indication of applied tension force E-controlled strapping process Strap alignment indication INTUITIVE FOR EASY AND  FAST OPERATION Variable tension speed controlled by finger pressure Digital user interface with touch pad adjustment Favorite strapping function FEATURES ■Full touch user interface ■Variable tension speed ■ Favorite strapping function ■ Strap alignment indication   TOOL TYPES / STRAP DIMENSIONS BXT3-13 for light duty application / 9–13 mm  BXT3-16 for universal application / 13–16 mm  BXT3-19 for heavy duty application / 16–19 mm

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SHIN JIE is mainly engaged in the supply of various equipment and related consumables suppliers for customer products, and is committed to protecting the company trusted by customers' products.

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SHIN JIE has professional maintenance capabilities and won customer support. Xinjie supplies all original parts, and has the best service technician service for many years. It carefully checks every part and insists on reducing the maintenance rate of the second return to the factory. Attentiveness has a considerable reputation and popularity in the industry and customer base.

Not only can we help customers plan cost analysis reports, but also have the original professional team backing support in automatic equipment.
SHIN JIE not only supplies customers with the needs, but also works on the development and development system of distribution.

We continue to innovate and facilitate the concept to enhance the customer's production efficiency and thus affirm and support SHIN JIE.
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